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Here some explanations to my shop


all pictures are identical with the models


General Conditions :

the delivery is only possible after PREPAYMENT

once you have activated your order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail

1. e-mail    automatic confirmation of your order

2. e-mail    confirmation of the model you ordered including photo and details for payment

if payment not received within 2 weeks your order will be cancelled


p.s    my shop is purely private and not a company that wants or has to sell something  



and now i wish you lots of fun with the shop =======================>    shop



faq :

(answers to your questions)

postal fare

-  i am not a salesman but a private person who simply spends his free time with this

-  for cost reasons i do not offer any credit payments (only through paypal)

-  euro!! no problem, please transfer to my post account or paypal

-  i send parcels with standard post (cheaper)

   but i can also send post with priority or express post should you wish

   however this is somewhat more expensive

-  the models are packed very well inorder that nothing goes broken

-  if something should not be inorder please notify me

-  worldwide postage

-  if you order something but you do not pay for it

   you will not receive a model but you can always order something again

   no worries, i don't bite

-  should you have any questions just feel free to ask


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